How To Factory Restart a Dell Laptop

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How To Factory Restart a Dell Laptop:- Resetting the settings of a Dell laptop back to default settings can have its advantages however it could have a few negatives.

On the other side, a factory restore could help with certain software issues, and may even help to eliminate malware or viruses.

However when it is not done properly it could result in losing your data or “bricking” you laptop.

This blog will explain how to reset factory settings for the Dell laptop running Windows 10, Windows 8 as well as employing Dell recovery partition. Dell Recovery partition.

How Can Reset Factory Settings on an Dell Laptop?

What does a factory reset refers to? The process of restoring your Dell laptop to its factory state will erase any all data that is stored and will reset earlier saved configurations.

Before proceeding to reset your computer, make sure you backup all the data you wish to keep.

Backups can be made by using the external drive or using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

However, one of the most effective methods to backup your data is to create a backups prior to the actual resetting process.

How To Factory Restart a Dell Laptop

If you want to use the Windows 10 restore method, you must comply with these instructions:

Set Your Dell Laptop in Windows 10

Go to your desktop and search for “Reset this computer” into the search bar (the lower-left corner of your desktop).

Choose “Reset this computer”. You can also open the menu by going to Settings > Update and Security > Reset.

After the Recovery window has come up, click “Get started.”

Windows 10 reset process will begin. In addition, you can will also be able to backup your files by selecting “Keep the Files I’ve Saved” in the process of reset.

If you’ve created an earlier backup then choose “Remove everything” to wipe your drive thoroughly.

In accordance with the version of Windows 10 version, you may have two options for performing the restore.

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If you’re connected to the Internet it is possible to select the “Cloud download.” Cloud download is ideal if the locally-recovery partition of your drive has been damaged.

In other cases, you can opt for “Local Reinstall.” It is important to note that this option is available only when your local recovery partition remains in good condition.

Then, click “Clean the Data” to erase your storage. If you plan to sell your laptop to another person don’t skip this step as you don’t want anyone else to gain access to your data.

Then, follow the screen steps to conclude the reset procedure

Dell Factory Reset in Windows 8

If you’re running Windows 8 on your Dell you can reset. The steps are pretty much the same as the ones described previously:

Hit the Start symbol, select for Settings, and then choose the Update and Security option.

Click on the “Get started” button beneath”Reset this PC” option “Reset This computer” option to begin the procedure.

If your laptop is able to remember the password you don’t remember you can find a method of performing an system restore.

From your Welcome screen reboot your laptop and hold the Shift key.

This simple combination lets you access the additional boot options. Once the menu is on you can select “Troubleshoot” and then click “Reset this computer.”

In this step, you’ll erase all information including the password that was forgotten and then reinstall Windows 8.

How do you perform Factory Reset on older Dell Models

Begin by restarting your laptop. When the screen is on you can try these steps:
Hit the F8 key immediately after the system is restarted.

  • It is important to do this prior to the Dell logo appears.
  • F8 will take users to the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • From there, click”Repair Your Computer” from the menu “Repair Your Computer” option and select Enter.
  • Select the language you prefer and select “Next.” When asked you to enter your administrator password and then click “OK.”
  • Go to go to “Dell Factory Image Restore” option. If asked, select “Yes to reformat the hard drive to restore the software back to factory conditions” and then click “Next” once more.

The process of factory reset for the device will begin. Make sure that your Dell connects to the outlet at the time.

The power loss could result in the deletion of your Windows or being stuck in the restore loop.

After you have completed the reset you can click “Finish” to reboot your computer and set up Windows in the same way as you would do for the very first time.

In conclusion

Resetting an old Dell laptop back to default settings is the simplest method to get rid of malware and other unwanted programs.

It is crucial to make a backup prior to proceeding with the reset, otherwise you could lose your files as well as documents and applications. Additionally, there’s multiple ways to complete the Dell reset, which means you could always look for another option if one method fails.

Please follow the steps step-by-step guide to prevent your laptop from being damaged or erase an operating system completely.

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